Vignes Château de Côts

Organic and Biodynamic Farming


Preparation of an organic grape :

Organic farming is subject to very precise specifications. It is a specific mode of production, characterized by the non-use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Production of an organic wine :

We take care to preserve, in our cellar, as much natural as possible in order to highlight all the work done in the vineyard.

We adhere to the charter of the FNIVAB (Fédération Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Vins de l’Agriculture Biologique) which establishes the rules for the transformation of organic grapes into wine during vinification, ageing and packaging.


 « Cooperating with the plant »

Biodynamics considers the Earth as an “All”, as a living being that follows its own evolution. It now appears that this naturally aging organism is even more weakened by certain human activities (chemical, radioactive, electromagnetic, genetic pollution, etc.), which makes it necessary and urgent to implement methods to vivify and care for the soil, plants, animals and people.


Biodynamic agriculture brings opportunities to these challenges for the future. If the basic agronomic practices (long rotations, growing legumes and green fertilizers, moderate tillage, mechanical or thermal weeding, composting of organic matter, etc.) are similar to those of organic farming, specific practices are proposed to promote the vitality of the crops and the life processes within the farm or garden. All these practices have a common goal: to create a link between the soil, the plant and the animal world, to restore the unity of ecosystems and to stimulate exchanges between the different levels (from the microscopic life of the soil to the planetary influences, through the intermediate levels that are the plot, the farm with its landscapes, the territory with its social and economic exchanges)
Vignes Culture Biologique et Biodynamique Château de Côts
Vignes Culture Biologique et Biodynamique Château de Côts